Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook

This edition of the Duke University Faculty Handbook contains policies and procedures pertinent to faculty at Duke University as of April,  2015. Because of the range of subject matters and authority for them, these policies and procedures are subject to change at any time. Revisions to the Faculty Handbook will be incorporated periodically. Duke faculty are responsible for checking this website to keep abreast of alterations and additions.

Reading the Handbook requires the Acrobat Reader available free from Adobe. Printed copies of the Handbook are no longer distributed, but it can be printed from the Acrobat reader. The Faculty Handbook is available in alternative media upon request to the Office of the Provost (919-684-2631).

Questions about this publication and its contents should be addressed to Faculty Handbook, Box 90005, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0005.

The Faculty Handbook (the entire document)

Chapter 1: The University

Chapter 2: The University Faculty and Its Organization

Chapter 3: Faculty Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure

Chapter 4: Professional Affairs of the Faculty

Chapter 5: Research — Organizational Structure for Sponsored Projects and Research Related Policies

Chapter 6: Faculty Responsibilities with Respect to Students

Chapter 7: University Libraries

Appendix A: Governing Documents
The governing documents of Duke University (mission statement, bylaws, charter, and indenture of trust) can be found at http://www.trustees.duke.edu/governing/index.php

Appendix B: Bylaws of the University Faculty
Bylaws of the Academic Council

Appendix C: Academic Freedom and Academic Tenure
Faculty Participation in the Appointment and Retention of Administrators
Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Procedures for Appointment, Reappointments and Promotions for Regular, Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Appendix D: Arts and Sciences
Bylaws of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Bylaws of the Arts and Sciences Council
Procedures for Appointments, Reappointments, Promotions and Tenure in the Arts and Sciences
Arts and Sciences Accelerated Sabbatical Policy

Appendix E: Pratt School of Engineering
Bylaws of the Faculty
Procedures for Faculty Recruitment, Promotion, and Tenure

Appendix F: Divinity School Bylaws

Appendix G: Nicholas School of the Environment
Faculty Bylaws

Appendix H: Fuqua School of Business
Faculty Evaluation, Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure: Criteria and Procedures
Faculty Bylaws

Appendix I: School of Law
Procedures for Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure

Appendix J: Basic Sciences School of Medicine
Bylaws of the Basic Sciences Faculty Steering Committee
Procedures and Criteria for Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure
Materials to be Submitted by the Department in Support of Nominations for Tenured Appointments and Promotions

Appendix K: School of Nursing Faculty Governance Association Bylaws

Appendix L: Clinical Sciences School of Medicine
Bylaws of the Clinical Sciences Faculty Council on Academic Affairs
APT Process for Tenure Track Faculty with Primary Appointments in Clinical Departments

Appendix M: Graduate School Bylaws

Appendix N: Ombuds and Faculty Hearing Committee

Appendix O: Financial Conflict of Interest Policy
Terms and Conditions
Duke University Faculty Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research Policy
Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research Implementation

Appendix P: Policies Related to Research
Protecting Human Subjects in Nonmedical Research
Policy on Inventions, Patents, and Technology Transfer
Interpretations of the Policy on Inventions, Patents, and Technology Transfer
Duke University Policy on Intellectual Property Rights
Duke University Copyright Guidelines for Electronic Course Content
Checklist for Fair Use Analysis
Patent Agreement
University-Industry Guidelines
Policy on Research Records: Sharing, Retention and Ownership
Duke University Policy and Procedures Governing Misconduct in Research
Guidelines for Authorship and Authorship Dispute Resolution
Principal Investigator Status
Policy on Open Access to Research

Appendix Q: University Committees

Appendix R: Student Records Policy

Appendix S: Use of University Lands and Facilities and Principles Governing Internal Room Use Fees

Appendix T: Sanford School of Public Policy
Bylaws of the Sanford School of Public Policy

Appendix U: Travel

Appendix V: Pickets, Protests, and Demonstrations

Appendix W: Duke University/Duke University Health System Harassment Policy and Procedures

Appendix X: The Duke Community Standard

Appendix Y: Steps in the Process of Approving New Academic Degrees

Appendix Z: Policy on Consensual Relationships

Revisions to the Faculty Handbook