Provost’s Office

The following vice provosts, deans, and other offices and units report to the Provost.

Schools & Deans

School Dean
College of Arts and Sciences Valerie Ashby, Dean
Divinity School L. Gregory Jones, Dean
Fuqua School of Business William Boulding, Dean
Graduate School Paula D. McClain, Dean
School of Law Kerry Abrams, Dean
Nicholas School of the Environment Toddi Steelman, Dean
Pratt School of Engineering Ravi Bellamkonda, Dean
Sanford School of Public Policy Judith Kelley, Dean

Deans of the Schools of Medicine and Nursing Report to the Chancellor for Health Affairs.

Vice Provosts

Entity Vice Provost
Academic Affairs and Finance & Administration Jennifer Francis, Executive Vice Provost
Arts Scott Lindroth, Vice Provost
Faculty Advancement Abbas Benmamoun, Vice Provost
Global Affairs Eve Duffy, Associate Vice Provost
Interdisciplinary Studies Edward Balleisen, Vice Provost
Library Affairs Deborah Jakubs, University Librarian and Vice Provost
Research Lawrence Carin, Vice Provost
Undergraduate Education Gary Bennett, Vice Provost
Special Projects James S. Roberts, Vice Provost

Interdisciplinary Units & Directors

Unit Director
Duke Institute for Brain Sciences Geraldine Dawson, Chair, Faculty Governance Committee
Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions Tim Profeta, Director
Kenan Institute for Ethics Suzanne Shanahan, Director
Duke Global Health Institute Chris Plowe, Director
John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute Ranjana Khanna, Director
Social Science Research Institute Thomas Nechyba, Director
Bass Connections Leadership Group of Theme Leaders and Central Program Office
Duke University Energy Initiative Brian Murray, Director
Information Initiative at Duke Robert Calderbank, Director
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative Jon Fjeld, Interim Director
Science & Society Nita Farahany, Director
Center for Genomic & Computational Biology Gregory Wray, Director
Margolis Center for Health Policy Mark McClellan, Director
MEDx Geoffrey Ginsburg, Director

Academic & Administrative Units

Unit Director
Associate Provost and Senior Advisor Noah Pickus
Nasher Museum of Art Sarah Schroth, Director
Student Affairs Larry Moneta, Vice President
Undergraduate Admissions Christoph Guttentag, Dean

Organizational Chart

For additional detail, download the full organizational chart.