The Provost's team is dedicated to advancing Duke University's strategic efforts to address the great challenges of our day, define a new twenty-first-century model of the research university, foster a more inclusive and equitable campus and world, partner with purpose in service to our community, and advance humankind. 
Our strategic vision builds upon the priorities and programs initiated under Together Duke, the 2017 academic strategic plan developed by former Provost Sally Kornbluth. 

Our Priorities

Empowering Bold Thinkers

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We are investing more decisively in our extraordinary faculty, students, and staff, recognizing that their accomplishments comprise the true measure of our institutional excellence.

Learn more about our work to empower faculty, students and staff. 

Transforming Teaching and learning

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New fusions of our research and educational missions are creating innovative, team-based learning opportunities, and leveraging new technologies to meet the evolving needs of a new generation of students. 

Learn more about our work to transform teaching and learning.

Building a Renewed Campus Community 

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We are building a renewed campus community to ensure that all who call Duke home share a lived experience that is increasingly inclusive, equitable, engaging, healthy and vibrant.  

Learn more about our work to renew our campus community.

Forging Purposeful partnerships

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We are using our educational and research resources to deepen and strengthen our relationships across the Carolinas and throughout the Southeast. 

Learn more about ways we are partnering with purpose.

Engaging a Global Network 

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We are developing next-generation engagement platforms to extend and deepen all aspects of university life.

Learn how we are engaging our global network.