The Finance and Administration group within the Office of the Provost is responsible for:
  • Coordinating budgeting, budget monitoring and Trustee reporting for all of the schools and academic and administrative support functions reporting to the Provost.
  • Assisting the Provost, Vice Provosts and Deans with execution of strategic initiatives, including financial and analytical support.
  • Managing the allocation of costs for academic and administrative support functions.
  • Providing HR advice, support and approval reviews for areas reporting to the Provost.
  • Oversight of all faculty affairs processes and deadlines in the Office of the Provost (including tenure and promotion reviews, sabbatical/leave requests, and retirement agreements.)
  • Distributing information on policies, procedures and best practices for financial, administrative, and HR areas.

Duke operates four broad administrative units called management centers under a responsibility center management (RCM) financial model.  The Finance and Administration group within the Office of the Provost is referred to as the Provost Area Management Center (PAMC) with responsibility to oversee financial affairs to maximize academic and financial success.  Additionally, PAMC is responsible for ensuring appropriate compliance with policies for HR, research and administration.    

Functional Areas


  • PAMC budgeting
  • PAMC financial modeling
  • PAMC cost allocation management
  • PAMC financial policies and procedures
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Human Resources

  • PAMC HR guidelines, procedures and support
  • PAMC vacancy management
  • PAMC staff training resources
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Faculty Affairs Administration

  • Appointments, promotion and tenure (APT) process
  • Scholars@Duke administration
  • Sabbatical leave requests
  • Faculty retirement agreements
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Office of the Provost, Finance and Administration
127 Allen Building
Box 90004
Durham, NC 27708
Phone: (919) 684-3501