Anika Lucas 

2021 Faculty/Staff Recipient

Anika Lucas is the faculty/staff recipient of the 2021 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award. As a postdoctoral Nephrology Fellow at Duke’s School of Medicine, Anika has embodied the characteristics of selflessness, generosity of service, character, integrity and depth of spirituality.

Anika was nominated by four colleagues within the School of a Medicine and her pastor. Her nominators shared, Anika’s “commitment to serving the needs of the community as well as her dedication to the practice of medicine has positively impacted the lives of many people.”

Anika is an alumnus of Wellesley College, Harvard Divinity School and Temple University School of Medicine. After medical school, she completed her residence training at the University of Connecticut, where she was awarded distinction in ambulatory care for her excellence and commitment to patient care.

Since her arrival at Duke in 2018, Anika has excelled in her clinical training and has developed a unique research focus in women’s health and health disparities. While serving the community through impactful programs she also established herself as a national reputation as a leader in health equity. She was selected to serve with the American Society of Nephrology’s Diversity and Inclusion committee, a position given to one fellow selected nationally. Through her participation on the committee, Anika’s contributions are aimed at increasing diversity and inclusivity in the field of nephrology, including establishing a loan mitigation program for under-represented minorities pursuing nephrology.

While at Duke, Anika was awarded a prestigious American Kidney Fund Clinical Scientist in Nephrology award to study racial differences in adverse pregnancy and postpartum outcomes in women, with the goal of identifying patients who are at a particularly high risk for adverse events during pregnancy. Beyond this research, Anika volunteers her time to create online educational materials for women with lupus and kidney disease.

Throughout her life, Anika has demonstrated a deep commitment to her faith, with her spirituality ingrained in all that she does. In her early years, Anika served in her local church as a peer mentor and over time became a leader and facilitator of a youth ministry program. In her college years and throughout medical school, Anika sought out meaningful involvement and leadership in faith communities and sustained service in the community. Along with her family, Anika continues to serve her faith community as a Bible study leader, even amidst the pandemic.

Anika’s nominators speak to the impact she has on those around her,

In both her personal and professional life, Anika exudes a sense of optimism and purpose that inspires those around her to be better doctors, better parents and better people.

Anika’s nominators describe her as “exceedingly generous and consistently gives herself to the service of others without asking for anything in return.” Duke University is proud to name Anika Lucas as the faculty/staff recipient of the 2021 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for her contributions to Duke, the medical profession and the local community, as well as her sustained service to others.