Duke University Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

Duke University Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award 2017

Provost Sally Kornbluth has presented the 2017 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award
to Professor Rick Hoyle and graduating senior Lauren Harper.
Please read the story in Duke Today for details.

In 2003, Duke University re-joined approximately 50 other Southern universities in presenting the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award. This award program, sponsored by the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation, recognizes during commencement week one graduating senior and one member of the faculty, staff, or graduate student body of Duke University or Health System for their outstanding commitment to service.

The New York Southern Society established the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards in 1925 in memory of Mr. Sullivan, a southerner who became a prominent lawyer, businessman and philanthropist in New York in the late nineteenth century. The award seeks to perpetuate the excellence of character and humanitarian service of Algernon Sydney Sullivan by recognizing and honoring such qualities in others.

  • Recognition of selflessness

    Provost Kornbluth, center, and the recipients of the 2017 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

  • Generosity of service
  • Nobility of character
  • Person of integrity
  • Depth of spirituality

Mr. Sullivan was a man who “reached out both hands in constant helpfulness to others.” The guidelines to the Award describe him as an accomplished lawyer, a mediator, a powerful orator, a noted philanthropist, a courageous citizen during perilous timesas well as a deeply spiritual and devoted family man.

Duke University is giving this award to a graduating senior and a member of the faculty, staff, or graduate student body who exhibit the qualities of Mr. Sullivan. These qualities of service, character and spirituality are recognized in their practical application to daily living. Nobility of character is a criterion that is defined by the foundation as “when one goes outside the narrow circle of self-interest and begins to spend himself for the interests of mankind.”

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award Committee desires that this prestigious opportunity for recognition be available to student and employee alike regardless of their role at the University. This ensures that all who make significant contributions to the community and who lead lives of integrity, will be considered as candidates for this unique award.

The nomination procedure for the 2018 award will be posted in January, 2018.


2017 Winners

Faculty winner — Rick Hoyle — citation
Student winner —  Lauren Harper  — citation

2016 Winners

Faculty winner — Sherryl Broverman — citation
Student winner — Quinn Holmquist — citation

2015 Winners

Staff winner — Brad Fulton — citation
Student winner — Rasheed Alhadi — citation

2014 Winners

Staff winner — Robert Newlin — citation
Student winner — Hannah Ward — citation

2013 Winners

Staff winner — Geoffrey Mock– citation
Student winner — Kathleen Perry– citation

2012 Winners

Staff winner — Barbara Dotson — citation
Student winner — Harrison Hines — citation

2011 Winners

Staff winners
Barbara Lau — citation
Sarah Woodard — citation

Student winner — Alice Mao — citation

2010 Winners

Staff winner – Jim Wilkerson — citation
Student winner – Jesse Huddleston

2009 Winners

Staff winner – Annapurna Deo — citation
Student winner – Greg Akinbiyi

2008 Winners

Staff winner – Jude C. Jonassaint — citation
Student winner – Claire Lauterbach

2007 Winners

Staff winners

Claude Stubblefield — citation
David Edwards — citation

Student winners

Ben Abram
Trisha Bailey

2006 Winners

Staff winner – Zachary McNish — citation
Student winner – William Hwang

2005 Winners

Staff winner – Joseph B. Jackson — citation
Student winner – Mary Ellison Baars

2004 Winners

Staff winner – The Reverend Elizabeth Wade Grant — citation

Student winners

Victoria Elizabeth Hogan
Sourav Sengupta

2003 Winners

Staff winner – Jennifer Garst, M.D. — citation
Student winner – Elizabeth Ann Brantley