Carmelo Milano

Joseph W. and Dorothy W. Beard Distinguished Professor of Experimental Surgery

Carmelo Milano, MD, is a professor of surgery, chief of the Section of Adult Cardiac Surgery, and surgical director of the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) Program. A leader in cardiac replacement therapies, he has led the Duke heart transplant program to a position of international prominence. He has pioneered numerous advances in novel surgical therapies for heart failure and in the development, testing, and application of advanced cardiac replacement technologies. Under his leadership, Duke’s cardiac transplantation and mechanical circulatory support program is perennially among the top five programs nationally. Under his supervision Duke has performed over 1,600 total heart transplants to date. Dr. Milano has overseen increased utilization of mechanical support devices for bridging patients with advanced heart failure, and the mechanical circulatory support program he developed at Duke has treated over 1,500 patients with LVAD devices or mechanical hearts. In addition to his clinical and research activities, he is an influential mentor for cardiac surgical trainees.