David D'Alessio

James B. Wyngaarden Distinguished Professor of Medicine

Dr. D’Alessio is a practicing endocrinologist and Director of Duke Endocrinology. His research group studies regulation of insulin secretion by hormonal factors and the abnormalities of islet function in type 2 diabetes. In particular, Dr. D’Alessio has focused on understanding the insulinotropic properties of the hormones glucagon and glucagon-like peptide 1, their role in diabetes and application to therapeutics. D’Alessio and his colleagues do translational work that connects mechanistic studies in animal models to studies of human physiology.  Major contributions from this work includes identifying key brain areas that respond to GLP-1 and control insulin secretion, the role of islet products to control insulin secretion through local actions, and the role of GLP-1 on glucose regulation in patients with bariatric surgery. Beyond his clinical and research activities at Duke, Dr. D’Alessio has been a member of several NIH study sections including a role as chair, a consultant to the NIDDK council, and currently serves as Editor-in-Chief for the journal Diabetes.