Ehsan Samei

Reed and Martha Rice Distinguished Professor of Radiology

Ehsan Samei is a board-certified medical physicist and professor at Duke University, where he serves as Chief Imaging Physicist and director of the Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories and the Center for Virtual Imaging Trials. He has been a founding force behind major initiatives in medical physics including the Duke Medical Physics Graduate and Residency Programs, the Duke Clinical Imaging Physics Group, the Society of Directors of Academic Medical Physics Programs, the Center for Virtual Imaging Trials, and the Medical Physics 3.0 initiative.  Author of over 330 referred papers, his research ranges from his pioneering work on medical displays, to formative work on in vitro and in vivo imaging metrologies, quantitative medicine, and virtual clinical trials.  Mentored over 130 graduate students and junior scientists, he has been a visionary role model for translational medical physics, where the merits of innovations are measured not in terms of publications alone but patient-informed practice of physics in clinical medicine. Dr. Samei is a fellow of five professional organizations, has held multiple presidencies, and been recipient of numerous awards including the 2022 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award by the IOMP.