Jennifer Siegel

Bruce R. Kuniholm Distinguished Professor of History and Public Policy

Jennifer Siegel is an historian whose work focuses on the international and transnational nature of foreign relations and international security in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the ways in which those relations were driven by political, cultural, social, and economic forces.  Her research has centered in the areas of international diplomacy, finance, the origins of wars, the nature of alliances, and modern intelligence, with a particular focus to date on relations between and among the Entente powers of Britain, Russia, and France on the European continent and in the imperial periphery.  Her most recent book, For Peace and Money: French and British Finance in the Service of Tsars and Commissars, examines the globalized interconnectivity of finance and foreign policy in the context of British and French private and government bank loans to Russia in the late imperial period up to the Genoa Conference of 1922.