Luke Bretherton

Robert E. Cushman Distinguished Professor of Moral & Political Theology

My work sits at the intersection of theology, political theory, moral philosophy and the social scientific study of religion and politics. It focuses on how and why religion broadly and the church in particular can enable or disable democratic politics and the normative frameworks through which religious groups conceptualize democracy. A central contribution of my work is to the study of community organizing and the recovery and contemporary articulation of a ‘consociational’ conception of democracy, which provides a generative framework for addressing the contested relationship between religion and politics in hyper-diverse societies. Alongside numerous journal articles, my work is developed over four monographs. I’ve undertaken various public and church related appointments, including serving on the advisory panel of the Community First Program for the then UK government’s Cabinet Office (2010-2012).Honors include a 2017-18 Henry Luce III Fellowship in Theology, the 2013 Michael Ramsey Prize for Theological Writing, being a deputy member of the The Holberg Prize awarding committee, and giving numerous endowed lectures.  Alongside academic writing, I’vecontributed to a range of broadcast and print media, including The Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post,The New York Times, the BBC, and the Australian Broadcasting Company.