Professor Rasheed A. Gbadegesin

Rasheed A. Gbadegesin

Wilburt C. Davison Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Gbadegesin is a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Medicine, Division of Nephrology, Duke School of Medicine. He is also an Investigator in the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute (DMPI). He is the Associate Dean for Physician Scientist Development and the Director of the Office of Physician Scientist Development. Dr. Gbadegesin’s research is focused on understanding the molecular pathogenesis of nephrotic syndrome, and the biologic basis for disparity in its incidence, and therapy response. Nephrotic syndrome and other chronic kidney diseases have profound life-long consequences on a growing child and the therapy resistant type is a leading cause of mortality world-wide. In the last fifteen years, Dr. Gbadegesin and his team have identified at least eight new genetic causes and genetic risk factors for nephrotic syndrome and other chronic kidney diseases. In addition, he and his collaborators have continued to characterize the mechanisms by which these genes can cause nephrotic syndrome, and recently identified biomarkers of disease, and druggable pathways that may treat these genetic defects and the more common idiopathic nephrotic syndrome. Dr. Gbadegesin has created a robust bio-repository for childhood nephrotic syndrome by world-wide collaboration and networking, and he is also playing a leadership role in national and international networks that are unraveling the genetic basis for excess of chronic kidney diseases in people of African ancestry. His original findings and ongoing collaborations have significantly illuminated our understanding of the genetic architecture of nephrotic syndrome and have become foundational for ongoing meaningful and potentially transformative breakthroughs in disease etiology, prevention, and treatment.