Hannah Ward

2014 Student Recipient

Algernon Sydney Sullivan was a prominent lawyer, businessman and philanthropist who embodied the 5 characteristics of:

Recognition of Selflessness, Generosity of Service, Nobility of Character, Person of Integrity, Depth of Spirituality

Because of who Mr. Sullivan was and what he stood for, the three words for this award are: Leading by Example.

Each of our nominees has answered their calling by giving their time and talents to create positive change in the lives of others. These are a few adjectives used to describe them: well-tempered, understated, humorous and vocal advocates for interfaith engagement. Please join me in congratulating each of them for their leadership and selflessness.

One nominator wrote that our recipient is one

who manages to embody a good deal of joy and passion, while also displaying a great deal of depth of care and spiritual integrity.

Another wrote that she “is willing to speak truth in the face of injustice and recognizes the power of prayer as a means of healing the world”. Additionally, another nominator wrote that her tireless acts of love for those she meets will live on in the students and staff whose lives she has impacted during her time at Duke”. All three noted that she can be quite mischievous at times bringing healing through laughter. She is part of Duke Pathways, Chapel Scholars, Duke Congregation and founding member of the Undergraduate Faith Council. All while managing the rigors of being a pre-Med student.

I would describe her as humble. She wrote that service is about saying “yes” when you have the opportunity to be in community with people you may not have otherwise experienced”. However, she tried to tell me “no” when I notified her of her nomination…

Congratulations to our 2014 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award Recipient, Hannah Ward, for bringing our three words to life.