Harrison Hines

2012 Student Recipient

Our recipient has a strong desire to simply serve others and plans to build his career around this calling.  Current students and alum have described him as a visionary who truly believes in cultivating young individuals in their faith and growth.  And, he channels his strong‐held beliefs into solid action.  Beyond his academic prowess and accolades, our recipient has participated in numerous service opportunities, both domestic and abroad, but sites the founding of CruCares as his most significant experience.  CruCares is a student volunteer networking organization aimed at engaging students in regular service in Durham. Through his efforts, Duke students are gaining a better understanding of their own purpose by recognizing the value of others lives as they partner with organizations such as Duke Medical Center, Durham County jail, and Urban Ministries of Durham. His faith is illuminated daily through his walk, serving as a true testimony for others.  He hopes to attend both medical and divinity school so he may continue the work of serving the soul along with healing the body of humanity.

I present to you ‐‐‐ Harrison Hines