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Assessment at Duke is a team effort. Multiple offices, departments, and committees are charged with assessment. Many others conduct ongoing programmatic assessment without the assistance of a specific assessment-focused staff member.

The hub of assessment activity remains in the Provost Office, namely in the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

The Office of Assessment in Trinity College conducts similar work to the Provost Office, but focuses almost exclusively on Trinity College of Arts and Sciences (the largest of the University’s Colleges) rather than the University as a whole. These two offices frequently partner so as to not duplicate efforts and resources. The Office of Assessment in Trinity also coordinates the online course evaluation system and the analyses of the results. Representatives from this office are assisting in the expansion of online course evaluations to the Graduate School, the Nicolas School for the Environment, and others.

Duke Learning Innovation, Institutional Research, and, to a lesser extent, the Social Science Research Institute all provide assessment assistance to campus constituents, especially faculty members. Additionally, some departments such as Undergraduate Student Affairs have staff members dedicated exclusively to assessment support.


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Use Qualtrics, a Duke supported survey tool, to create, administer, and analyze surveys.

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