Associate Vice Provost and Director of Academic HR Services

Kimberley Harris is the associate vice provost and director of academic human resources services in the Office of the Provost. Kim works in partnership with administrators in the schools and academic support entities, and the corporate human resources offices under the Vice President for HR to provide leadership and advocacy in the development and implementation of policies, procedures and technologies to support the effective and efficient management of human resources in units under the jurisdiction of the Provost. In addition, Kim works with the administrative offices, directors and deans to ensure compliance with established human resources/payroll policies and procedures. Kim leads a team of HR professionals who support a number of diverse academic support units and university-wide institutes, initiatives, and centers (UICs).

The Office of Faculty Affairs Administration reports administratively to Kim as well. The Office of Faculty Affairs Administration encompass all Provost-area activities related to appointments, promotion and tenure (APT), professorships, faculty HR records; and faculty data systems and analysis, which includes Scholars@Duke and dFac. The office provides assistance to the Provost with respect to a range of faculty matters. The office also works with academic and administrative units across the university to coordinate the processes, standards, and systems that make information about Duke faculty easier to collect, maintain, analyze, and share.

Kim has worked in the Office of Human Resources, including experience in recruitment, policy research and compensation. Prior to undertaking current responsibilities in the Provost’s Office, Kim served as manager of wage and salary administration. Kim received her B.S. from Duke University.