Programs and Initiatives

The Arts

Duke Arts connects and amplifies the arts across the university.

Center for Computational Thinking

The Center for Computational Thinking (CCT) enables computational education at Duke to ensure that every student, regardless of field of study, is prepared for the digital 21st century.

Continuing Studies

Duke Continuing Studies invites individuals, organizations, and communities to engage in innovative, interactive, and transformative learning experiences.

Duke Climate Commitment

Activating every facet of our institution to create a model for educating and deploying a generation of climate- and sustainability-fluent change makers.

Duke Science and Technology (DST)

By addressing challenges in computing, materials science, and body and brain resilience, Duke will usher in the future of research, development, and application.

North Carolina Leadership Forum

NCLF provides an opportunity for civic, business and political leaders from across North Carolina to discuss issues central to the future of our state.

Provost's Forum

The Provost's Forum brings students, faculty, staff and community members together with some of the world’s leading experts to explore complex issues from a wide range of perspectives.

provost's initiative on the middle east

The Provost's Initiative on the Middle East is an effort to foster constructive dialogues on profound and longstanding conflicts that will enhance understanding and build skills that lead to shared learning.


QuadEx is an inclusive living and learning model that builds upon the history, values and spirit of Duke to enhance and integrate the social, residential, and intellectual lives of undergraduates.

Reimagining Doctoral Education (RiDE)

RiDE resulted in new policies and programs to balance disciplinary excellence with PhD training that equips our students to make a difference in a wide array of professional contexts.