Quinn Holmquist

2016 Student Recipient

This year’s student recipient, Quinn Holmquist, will be graduating in May with a B.A. in Romance Studies.

Quinn received multiple nominations, each one describing his integrity, concern for others and his depth of spirituality. Quinn showed the utmost concern and friendship for a former first-year resident who sustained a spinal cord injury the summer after his first year here at Duke. He supported and mentored this student throughout his journey. He has served as an advocate for the Community Empowerment Fund for the duration of his time here at Duke, helping individuals transition from homelessness to permanent housing by teaching financial literacy, helping them find employment and establish achievable life goals for self sufficiency. Despite dedicating up to 30 hours a week to CEF, Quinn also finds the time to serve with Realities Ministries where he mentors youth with disabilities.

Another nominator wrote that Quinn “gives himself to the service of others without asking for congratulations in return. He is a humanitarian and a global citizen who has embodied the ideals of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award in regular local practices of care, presence and assistance. Quinn has definitely followed through with the words he has often spoken others, “The essence of service is “being with” not just working with”. He will continue this selfless walk by living in intentional community in the Northside community while serving as a fellow at Realities Ministries.

Congratulations Quinn Holmquist!