Strategic Plan 2006: Making a Difference

Strategic Plan 2006: Making a Difference

Making a Difference is the university’s strategic plan launched in 2006 following an intensive planning process.  The major themes identified have guided the university’s research, teaching, outreach, budgetary priorities, and assessment ever since.  The document is available in its entirety or by chapter.  It is provided as an historical reference.  The executive summaries of schools and signature initiatives are available upon request.

Making a Difference

PDF of entire document

Executive Summary (PDF)

Duke and the Changing Landscape: A Planning Prologue (PDF)

Chapter 1
: Building Distinction at Duke: Past, Present and Future (PDF)

Chapter 2
: Challenges and Opportunities of the Current Planning Environment (PDF)

Chapter 3
: Duke’s Enduring Themes (PDF)

Chapter 4
: Academic Goals and Strategies to Build Distinction (PDF)

Chapter 5
: Transforming the Campus: Central, West, and East (PDF)

Chapter 6
: Durham, Regional, and Global Strategies (PDF)

Chapter 7
: Strategic Investment Plan (PDF)

Chapter 8
: Assessment (PDF)