University Institutes and Initiatives

University Institutes and Initiatives

As the University’s chief academic officer, the Provost has broad responsibilities for advancing the education and research missions of Duke University.

University Institutes and Centers

Please visit each Institute’s website for information about any affiliated Centers

Duke Institute for Brain Sciences Geraldine Dawson, Chair, Faculty Governance Committee
Nicole Schramm-Sapyta, Chief Operating Officer
Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions Timothy Profeta, Director
Kenan Institute for Ethics Suzanne Shanahan, Director
Global Health Institute Randall Kramer, Interim Director
John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute Deborah Jenson, Director
Social Science Research Institute Thomas Nechyba, Director

University Initiatives

Arts at Duke Scott Lindroth, Director and Vice Provost for the Arts
Bass Connections
Brain & Society Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Leonard White, Co-Theme Leaders
Education & Human Development Tom Nechyba, Theme Leader
Information, Society & Culture Robert Calderbank and Victoria Szabo, Co-Theme Leaders
Global Health David Boyd and Mary Story, Co-Theme Leaders
Energy Lori Bennear, Theme Leader
Diversity Elabbas Benmamoun, Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement
Duke University Energy Initiative Brian Murray, Interim Director
Humanities Writ Large Laurent Dubois, Principal Investigator
Information Initiative at Duke (iiD) Robert Calderbank, Director
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Kip Frey, Interim Director
Internationalization Michael Merson, Vice President and Vice Provost for Global Affairs
Science & Society Nita Farahany, Director
Technology in Education Matthew Rascoff, Director